Burn Masks
3D Scanning
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Total Contact uses rapid surface scanning technology to make:

• Close fitting burn masks
• Neck Splints
• Chest plates

These orthoses aid in the smooth healing of hypertrophic scars caused by severe burns or other trauma to the skin.

Total Contact continues to successfully apply image science in burn care, and is bringing surface scanning to the forefront of medicine.

Total Contact is applying scanning in ways that were previously unimaginable such as anthropometry, ergonomics, reverse engineering, and art.
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What Is a Burn Mask? A Total Contact burn mask is a clear rigid custom fit plastic material that fits perfectly over a patient’s face, and is used to make hypertrophic (raised) scars less visible as the skin heals. It is usually secured with Velcro straps that fit around the patient’s head.

Since scars grow continuously, this mask should be worn up to twenty three hours a day for anywhere from six to twenty four months. A well-fitting burn mask is comfortable, stays in position on the face, and can dramatically reduce scarring if worn properly. Unlike the old method, Total Contact uses a scanning process to create a burn mask that fits the patient exactly. Before this process was created, a patient who needed a burn mask would have had to use a cast to have it made, which meant applying plaster to the patient’s face while he or she remained motionless for up to an hour, breathing through straws in the nostrils. Now, the patient can be scanned in a few seconds, sitting comfortably in a chair while an image is made of him or her.

Hospitals Using the Total Contact System

  Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center - Baltimore, MD
  Oregon Burn Center - Portland, OR
  William Randolph Hearst Burn Center - New York, NY
  Boston Shriner's Hospital for Children - Boston, MA
  Misericordia Hospital - Edmunton, Alberta, Cananda
  Children's Hospital of Michigan Burn Center - Detroit, MI
  Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Philadelphia, PA
  Akron Children's Hospital - Cleveland, OH
  Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital - Baltimore, MD
  University of California San Diego - San Diego, CA
  University Hospital Burn Center - Cincinnati, OH
  St. Christopher's Hospital for Children - Philidelphia, PA
  Columbus Children's hospital - Columbus, OH